Let’s burn some sushi

15.00 incl. BTW

You can run races / challenges all year round at virtueelNL. From July 25 we celebrate love with our ‘love is love’ special. With this amazing medal as a reward.

  1. apply
  2. send your proof (inc. order number *)
  3. Receive your medal

You can run this race all year round. So even today!
At the end of May we expect to send the first medals.

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This special is for all sushi lovers. LES’S BURN SOME SUSHI!!
You can again choose the distances 5,10, 21 and 42.2.
The number of sushis you burn during your race:
5 kilometers: 4 pieces
10 kilometers: 8 pieces
21.1 kilometers: 20 pieces
42.2 kilometers: 40 pieces
choose your distance….
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5 kilometer, 10 kilometer, 21.1 kilometer, 42.2 kilometer


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