What are virtual running races?

A virtual running race actually works the same as a normal running race. There are some small differences though. A virtual running race can run you wherever you want, at any pace, inside (treadmill) or outdoors. All you have to do is join in and then prove that you did it through a screenshot. THATS IT!

Virtual running races offer a number of advantages.

As I mentioned, you can always do it, whenever and where it suits you. You don’t have to travel city and country for it. You can just do it in your own backyard. This makes running a virtual race very easy. ENROL-RACING-WIN

Personally, I find it annoying that ‘especially just after the start’ there are so many people running, which makes you almost stumble over each other. As a result, you always have to adjust your own pace. Or that you’re faster than the runners in front of you, who don’t keep right, so you can’t get past them. This does not occur in a virtual contest. You can keep your own scheduled pace from the moment of the start. No one to get in your way.

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What can be a reason especially for beginners not to participate in a running event is   the crowds, noise, time clock or maybe the idea that you are not good enough, you do not head to a race between the more experienced runners. This can be quite intimidating, so the threshold may be just too hopeful to appear at the start of a (big) running event. A virtual loop can provide a nice intermediate step to see where you stand and you can work your way to a higher level, build confidence, test yourself. this could just be the stepping stone, which might make you dare to face a lot of people and a lot of runners next time. 

The nice thing about a virtual running race is that you do experience the many advantages of a normal race, such as the competition feeling (tension), the ranking in a classification (tour the virtual opponents), remotely but still together. And of course not to mention, a great medal afterwards. And not the disadvantage, such as the crowds, audience, performance pressure, travel, dixies and nerves. 

The races are virtual but the medals are real! At VirtueelNL we provide TRULY UNIQUE BLING BLING.

Together VirtueelNl

Virtual running can provide just that extra bit of motivation. If you need that extra motivational push, it’s definitely a good idea to sign up.

Why does it motivate extra? The match elements remains, so you really have something to fight for. You can set a goal for yourself just like in a normal match. Go for a pr or just a certain time. You can compete with yourself, without the competition being able to get in the way of this.

So in size lines the benefits:

  • You can race whenever and wherever it suits you.
  • It’s a perfect next step towards and running event
  • You experience the competition element
  • It gives extra motivation
  • You get a great medal!

What races/challenges can you register for at this time?

 At the moment we have 3 different races/challenges that you can register for. The Plog challenge: The challenge here is not that you run a certain distance, within a certain time, but that you pick up your run waste. This is rewarded with a beautiful matching medal, also there is an extra prize to win, a cool Plogsack. 

The 5 kilometers virtueelNL and the 10 kilometers virtueelNL. In these two races the aim is to run the minimum distance of 5 or 10 kilometers, in order to earn a super cool 5km or 10km medal. 

Do you like to participate in a virtual race after reading this blog? sign up quickly

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