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Find your virtual race or challenge and join us.
WHERE, WHEN AND WITH WHO ever you want.

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Tamara Joosten

Mother, teacher and love for running. Last year my goal was to run every month (including medal, it seemed super cool to have 12 medals as proof, at the end of the year). Unfortunately, this plan did not go through due to cancelled events in August due to the heat... #fail. That's when the idea for VirtualNL came about, and now we're online!!! Our goal is to design the medals so that you really want to earn them.. #blingbling

Nathalie de Boer

Hi I am Nathalie de Boer and besides Tamara one of the founders of VirtualNL. I myself am also a keen runner and is a race without a medal for me, like a pizza without cheese. I am a real racing fanatic and if I can't race for 2 weeks I get withdrawal symptoms. With VirtualNL I can also race during the week. So my weekend is full - > no problem. #proudowner