"We love medals"

About us

We are Tamara Joosten & Nathalie de Boer, sisters and both have kids. Nathalie one daughter ‘Maartje’ and Tamara two daughters ‘Fien and Elin’. Our girls love running as much as their mothers.

With a lot of energy, passion and excitement we started VirtueelNL together!

Tamara Joosten

The Marikenloop was once my first running event, I ran it together with my mother. Then followed more performance runs and often together with mom, never really for a fast time or pr’s, more for the atmosphere, experience and of course medals.
I have always kept running, although I sometimes took a break of a few months. But after that it is difficult to restart. So I was looking for a way to keep walking.

These became the performance runs, at least 1 each month. This kept me running. I am now also more performance oriented and go for a PR every time. So during a running event I race against myself. In the meantime I had also succeeded, after soooooo long nagging and pushing to get my sister Nathalie running. And nowadays we regularly walk together.

Nathalie de Boer

4 years ago I started “running hater”, after much urging (from Tamara) with running. Without ever thinking that I will be where I am today. Transformed from a running water into a running lover. I run an average of 4 times a week, run regular runs and ran my first marathon on October 13, 2019.

I am convinced that there is a runner in everyone. As long as you cross the magical border. Running is not fun for everyone at first. But the persistent wins!